Product Information

Name Quotation Expert
Project Type Travel Product
Useful For Travel Agency, Tour Operator, DMC etc.
Description Unique form of web based application where you can create real time quotes on any locations within a minute for your customer's without any travel expertise (Include third party XML API integration & extranet contracts).

Quotation Expert - Overview

Sending quotes promptly and quickly to your potential customers is a very important to closing deals effectively. Depending on staff strength and individual efficiency with the travel domain knowledge, creating and dispatching quotations manually can be a time-consuming and cumbersome task that could negatively affect your bottom-line.

Does it take 15-40 minutes or more then that to send a quotation to your customer?

Do you think creating group travel quotations are problematic and tough task to do?

Your conversion rates falling due to delay in response to customer requests?

If your reply is "Yes," to any or all of the above questions, Inseparable offers you an amazingly simple Quotation Expert tool that generates quotations customized to your customers' exact requirements in less than 1 minute!

One of its truly unique features is the ability to utilize both live inventories from third-party suppliers as well as the agency’s paper/own contracted rates with the hotels, tour owner, car owner etc for building quotes.

Experience Time Saving Process While Create Quote
Using Inseparable Quotation Expert

Quotation Expert - Pick and Choose Tool to make powerful quotes for your customer

Quotation Expert allows you to create customized travel quotations for group travel, a honeymoon package for newlyweds or even generating a quote for someone seeking the finest medical care for their loved ones, Quotation Expert package will churn out the right quote instantly, intelligently incorporating multiple pax rates, service costs and optional extras all, just using pick and choose method.

Some Key Features

  • Can Integrate in B2B Website
  • Can Integrate in B2C Website
  • Unlimited Quote Generation
  • For B2B - Your agent can generate quotes
  • Best Supplier API Integration
  • Partner Log-ins
  • Quotes Automation
  • Quotes Management
  • 24/7 Quotes Generation
  • Extranet Integration
  • Day Wise Itinerary
  • Approval from customer
  • Send quote to multiple customers
  • Reduces operational cost
  • Provides flexibility to build quotes
  • Clone, Edit, Delete and Re-Use Quote