Product Information

Name Back Studio
Project Type Travel Product
Useful For Travel B2B/B2C/DMC
Description A Quality Travel Management Product (Back office/Mid Office). Travel Companies can manage all types of admin, sales, accounts, users, operations etc.

BackStudio - Overview

BackStudio is a web-based powerful travel back/mid office system that helps travel agencies to manage all their business rules, like online/offline bookings, operations, sales, error free accounts, markups, commissions, payments etc and automation of daily tasks that usually takes a lot of time and reduce your business profitablity.

BackStudio available on both web and mobile devices, allowing you to manage various aspects of your travel business on the go. BackStudio is a cloud-based software which means all your data are stored securely online and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Using this powerful back office software you can significantly cut down human efforts, So it will helpful to make more error less tasks and eliminate costly human errors, It improves your overall business profitability.

BackStudio - A Powerful Travel Management System

At Inseparable We keep searching issues of today’s corporate travel managers to help them reach their cost/benefit balance. We feed all the research with hign resources into our technology and made a powerful solution which is providing both core automation and functional expertise to expand your capabilities and growth. Adopting this back/mid office (a travel management software), you get access to a broad scope of features :

Some Key Features

  • Supports multiple clients - Agents, Corporate and Direct Clients
  • Support multiple currencies
  • Clear picture of each client’s account
  • Reduce the risk of going over a client’s budget
  • Client Profile Management
  • Booking Management
  • Travel Spend Control
  • Keeping track of booking confirmations, invoices and receipt
  • Auto reminders through emails
  • Manage all your markups/commissions
  • Automatic voucher generation with your own branding
  • User-friendly interface for centralized customer and booking management
  • Auto cancellation of unconfirmed bookings before the cancellation period starts
  • Supplier's management in one centralized system
  • Ability to set up payments reminders
  • Separate markups and commission setup for B2C and B2B
  • Ability to set up feature for your customers - Book-now-pay-later
  • Tax calculation, management and reporting